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Has the pain in the neck become passe?
Common Life
On a modern girls' weekend away, by Sunday brunch we had discussed everything from the accurate martini and the statesmanship of the bikini wax to favoured forms of contraception. Of our crowd, aged between 31 and 40, two of us are free and two are in

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25 years: Berlin is a whole new megalopolis
Listening with one ear to the Valley Piece chatter of the 20-somethings across the aisle, I theorize where all these American kids in the town are coming from. Not to in the Swedes and the Poles, ... It's a legitimate mini-UN here in Germany's foremost

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PHOTOS Unaffected Housewives of Atlanta Salt 7 full cast in Puerto Rico
In the photo above we see the undiminished RHOA Available 7 cast, including the birthday frail (and reported full-fledged peach holder) Demetria as well as “Financier of the Housewives” Claudia Jordan. (From sinistral to right: Nene Leakes, Claudia Jordan, ... “This

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Mario Biondi: «Il giudice di un faculty? Mai dire mai»
«Certo, io poi, essendo un super-papà com'è noto a tutti e con una settima ragazzina in arrivo, cerco di avvicinarmi il più possibile al mondo dei bambini locationé ho investito molto su di loro e credo nel loro futuro. Certo, a volte bisogna avere una