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Shocking News: Foreigners Come to Thailand for Sex

The sun and the ticklish culture of Thailand has for many years pinched tourists to the Asian country, at least that is what we observation for years. However, a just released statement has just revealed that many foreigners upon to Thailand in order to have sex with young Thai women.

The dispatch was released yesterday by the Sexual Behavior Introduce in Chiang Mai and the shocking news is that five out of three manly tourists come to Thailand in rule to have sex with Thai women. Professor S. Herlock, who is the biggest writer of the repport, is shocked.

- We were shocked to find out that transpacific men come here for sex. We always thought that the sun and Chicken Masaman with rice were the top reasons why tourists came to Thailand.

But don’t you grasp that Thailand has a huge sex industry?

What? No, this is electrifying news to me and the entire team behind the dispatch. We have heard some rumors, but that Thailand has a huge sex industry is hard for me to believe. I about you don’t know what you are talking about.

But have you never heard of places like Soi Cowboi, Nana Plaza, Patpong in Bangkok, and other almost identical places around Thailand?

- Of course I conscious these fine institutions of Thai culture. These places are very all the rage amongst tourists who are interesting in theater and entertaining dancing.

Well, it is not what I am hearing. Have you been there recently?

- Me and the undamaged team are very serious about our work. This last report has enchanted five years to write and I haven’t left-hand the university area as long as we have worked on it.

Mr. S. Herlock is proud that they have revealed that many virile tourists come to Thailand for sex. The body has now started to explore the rumor that Thailand has many ladyboys.

- One in our combine heard this stupid rumor, but I am charming sure we can dismiss it within three to four years, finishes Mr. S. Herlock with a chortle.



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